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Marie Sharp’s Germany and supports Sea Shepherd #opNemesis

According to their slogan « All Natural! », they decided to support the marine protection organization Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd’s mission is to protect our oceans, their inhabitants but finally the origin of our all food chain. To find out more about Sea Shepherd, its crews and faces behind the scenes please visit: or

Middle of last year, Marie Sharp’s Germany was already following the donation call for caboose equipment of their brand new ship « Ocean Warrior » and the legendary « Steve Irwin ». A big parcel of Marie Sharp’s then went on its journey to Amsterdam and boarded the « Ocean Warrior » towards Australia. Since then, Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauces helped to keep the crew warm from inside on their tough mission in the Antarctic Ocean. – May the fire in their heart not extinguish! (more about « Operation Nemesis » )

And guess what!? The crew just looooves the « Maries » and there were tremendous positive feedback and so the idea was born to develop a product together. Therefore Marie Sharp’s converted their legendary variety BEWARE into a Sea Shepherd supporter edition.


The name and label is a reference to the Sea Shepherd battle cry: « Poachers Beware! »

The product is only available in the size of 148ml (5oz) and we ( are very proud to be part of this action reselling this sauce in Switzerland you can purchase it here



The difference beside the label? The consumer (so, you dear reader) pays a little extra (we – – take a little less margin) and with each purchase a € 5,00 are donated to Sea Shepherd to support the « Operation Nemesis » .